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We’re Natalie & Max, a British photography & videography duo who live in the UK half of the year & the sunny Algarve the rest of the time.  We started photographing weddings here in the Algarve back in 2015. We actually loved it so much and decided to get married here!  Planning a wedding can be stressful, so don’t worry we know how you feel!  We know how important your photos are to you and that’s why we’ll capture every wedding day as if it was our own!

Max and I met at University where we studied Photography & Design.
Despite our courses being similar we actually met each other on a squash court! Yep... there's nothing more romantic than running around a tiny hot box, sweating buckets and going bright red in the face!
In 2012 we started our own wedding photography company- New Pixels Photo & Film.
Wedding Photographer in the Algarve
Shortly after graduating with a 1st Class Hons. Max and I jetted off to the sunny Algarve to live and work.
We were living in the Algarve and flying back to London at the weekend to capture our beautiful UK weddings. It didn't take us long to realise that the Algarve is where we wanted to be photographing and filming! From that moment on, 'Natalie & Max Photo and Films' was born!
Wedding Photographer in the Algarve Portugal - Fun Relaxed and Candid wedding photograhy
We think we have the best jobs in the whole wide world and moving to Portugal became a reality because of our joy for capturing weddings and our bond with the Algarve.
We love to meet new people and hear all about your upcoming wedding day so drop us a message and let's get excited together!
Algarve Wedding videography at Monte das oliveiras: Food & Passion
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Our Favourites



Our bundle of joy is our adorable cocker spaniel... Yep you've guessed it... We named him after our cameras! He was our lockdown puppy and one of the best decisions we've ever made!


It doesn't matter if it's back in the UK or here in the Algarve we love to be outside enjoying nature! Exploring, hiking and having adventures is our thing.


There's nothing we like more than having a laugh with our friends!
It's the perfect way to get those cheek bones aching!


We're so lucky that our jobs have taken us all over the world including Barbados, Las Vegas, San Fran and The Algarve! Our aim is to travel to 3 new countries a year... 41 and counting!


Running along the beach is the best way to keep up our 'wedding day' cardio! You'll have no idea how many steps and squats we do during each wedding day so keeping fit is key!
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